macharten - portable architecture

In 2003 strongly influenced by dealing with architecture and my craft background I started to design special „houses“ for personal items and founded the label macharten.
Through my approach as an architect and designer arise timelessly modern models with distinstive handwirting, which are characterized by sensual purism and functional sophistication.

The bags and accessories are formed as buildings. Initially on the drawing board, depending on the purpose for which the model is intended to be, the sizes, shapes and details will be defined. All macharten accessories are indispensable companions. The understated elegance of the exterior hides a practical interior that creates space for all your needs. Each model has its own internal structure that is ingenious in its functionality, inviting you to use the models for a multitude of purposes.

Material plays a very special role in my designs. I use carefully selected, purely vegetable tanned and dyed cow-hide and salmon leather. They are produced sustainably in small German and European tanneries with years of experience.

The models are manufactured in a family-run German manufactory and in the macharten atelier.

My designs are characterized by clean lines, timeless modernity, as well as reduction and balance of form and proportion. Monika Assem Unterschrift